Yamapi dating french girl

And women submersed within the yaoi world create artistic fanfictions of their favourite characters in fantasy homosexual situations.A common example would be to see a girl write a story about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy putting aside their differences and falling in love. Gackt is the most feminine male singer in the entire world.Kagami's agency did not respond. on Kagami Seira (From her official myspace page)Seira was born and raised in Tokyo, but her father was raised in Canada (half French, half Polish), so she is mixed with Japanese, French and Polish. Also, She was on a cell phone commercial for "J-Phone" with Dragon-Ash theme song and many other commercials. Now, she is advertising a face lotion called "Freeplus" commercial for the Japanese leading cosmetic company, Kanebo, and Mc Donald's promoting their product called "Cinnamon Melts". But Yamapi, I'll choose Maki's side ANYTIME. You're just my long lost cousin, twice removed, Yamapi. He has since settled into internet celebritydom, his youtube videos and vlog get millions of hits.And last but not least, this article pays tribute to the random internet boy with a camera.

His music is a blend of the more bubblegum-y jpop sounds from singers such as Ayumi and Japanese alt-rock, which of course mirrors his blended male/female appearance.

In the opinion of this newspaper man, it wasn’t because of the really good music.

The bishonen is so ubiquitous, it could probably warrant its own article.

According to people in the know, they started dating before summer. I much prefer Maki facing away from Yamapi, as if she's ignoring him.

Yamapi is said to have attended her live performance in July but he did not stand out as it was crowded.

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