Wing girls dating

In these types of situations, having a wingwoman comes into play.A wingwoman, you may think: wouldn’t that hurt me more than help me?For some reason this random girl thinks your buddy loves you much since he will praise you to no end.Lady, you are an effing moron if you think these are genuine comments, he is just trying to get his boy laid.Women serve as great wing-partners, especially if they themselves are attractive.

A smart guy will send his wingwoman out in the crowd to attempt to make friends, but in actuality she is just hunting down your prey for you.

The reason guy friends don’t work as effectively as wingmen do is because the man who makes the first move shows the most confidence.

And why would a woman choose the socially inept friend when an assertive one is right in front of her?

All your wingwoman has to do is walk over and put her arm around your waist.

Bam, this gives off the impression that you are off limits and this creepy chick has no choice but to walk away.

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