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Scott was allowed to use his natural British accent in his portrayal of EJ.Elvis Aaron Banks was born to Stefano Di Mera and Susan Banks on February 21, 1997.The character was always meant to be a race car driver, but following Boof's firing, his career as a racer was also forgotten about, and he was instead written as a lawyer. During this time, EJ is in a long term romance with another woman, and they graduate Oxford together.However, she wants to pursue a career while EJ is given the chance to compete in the European racing circuit.Scott departed the role on-screen in October 2014, resulting in the character's on-screen death. Reilly, and introduced under executive producers, Ken Corday and Tom Langan, EJ is the son of crime boss Stefano Di Mera and Susan Banks.However, Stefano plans to pass off the child as his daughter Kristen Di Mera's son with John Black.When the truth is revealed, Susan skips town with baby Elvis, and her husband, Edmund Crumb.

On November 21, 2017, Kristen reveals that EJ is alive.EJ also has a chaotic relationship with Sami's nemesis, Nicole Walker.EJ and Sami's relationship is also rivaled by Sami's relationship with Rafe Hernandez.In late September 2011, Soap Opera Digest revealed that James would depart the series when his contract expired.However, negotiations continued shortly after the news broke about Scott's potential departure.

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