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Engagement Breakdown by Patronage: * According to The Times Court Circular, Kate’s visits to Wimbledon counted for both her patronages of the AELTC and the LTA, so technically she visited the LTA three times this year.

However, there was only one visit to them that was solely to them and actually promoted as a visit to them.

Interestingly, this is the first year that Prince Harry has publicly outworked Prince William – logging 38 more engagements in the Court Circular.

Kate’s engagement numbers for 2017 weren’t terrible for her, in that she got over 100 for the third time, but she is still next to last in totals for the BRF (only Alexandra had less than Kate this year).

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I’ve counted and recounted my list, and I have no idea why PA’s is so off.She worked more days than she has any other year (if only slightly), and this is her third most productive year in terms of total engagement numbers.Let’s begin with a look at Tim O’Donovan’s totals for 2017.* Patronages include titles such as Patron, President, honorary military appointments, etc.* Numbers only include what was counted in the Court Circular; private visits are not counted.

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