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With this being said, I still keep much of the lessons taught during my Sociology courses.Many of these courses were different studies on how people or groups of people interact with each other in social settings, so when I got this tweet from Ms.While at Texas Tech, my degree was in Sociology and Political Science.I planned on curtailing this into a career in law, but instead it took me into a career in Sales and Supply Chain (don’t ask how).Tech fans shouldn’t expect the same year as last season, but this will definitely be a NCAA tournament team.As far as the ladies, don’t expect much from them in the next couple years.

One day in the VTM Slack messaging group, I asked him questions and he nailed the quiz. Most importantly, he denies being a hipster which is the most hipster thing you can do.

This shows little effort and some users even left their profiles blank.

Others filled their profiles out using only emojis, with one individual leaving a single sentence: “If you want to know about me just ask!

There’s not a lot of talent on this roster whatsoever, but I do think Marlene Stollings can do what Tubby Smith did with the men’s team.

Smith made the men’s team competitive even though they were still losing and then by the third season he was able to get some victories once he matured the older players and brought in his own guys and made the NCAA tournament.

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