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The best part is that Wild Apricot has a free 30 day trial for anyone looking to use it. "As our club grew from the 60's to in excess of 150 members and the need to collect dues and establish membership categories arose, it became very hard to manage everything with the paper system we had been using.Wild Apricot solved all that perfectly." In a recent Nonprofit Blog Carnival on non-profit email effectiveness, we suggested donor outreach emails need to be “personal and powerful” to prompt action. Your renewal letter or email needs to speak to each member and make them feel they have a personal connection to and an integral part of an important organization.After all, unlike your newsletters or website, your renewal letter or email offers an opportunity to speak directly to your member.And since retaining members and keeping them active and engaged is critical - it might just be the most important communications piece you’ll send this year!Well, your first two words – “Dear xxx” can have a huge impact on whether your letter or email are read or taken seriously.If you fumble the salutation, your member may never get to your wonderful prose about how important he/she is or the amazing work your organization has accomplished over the last year.

So you need to outline the “outcomes-based benefits” you offer.So, here are a few tips on getting the hello or welcome right: Receiving your renewal letter or email may have your members thinking about another line from the Jerry Maguire movie: “show me the money”.When they receive your yearly renewal letter, email or invoice, they are automatically thinking “what has my association/club done for me lately?Why not talk to your board, membership or communications chairs – perhaps they have some thoughts you can incorporate.You might even want to have the letter or email come directly from one of these volunteers.

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