Updating mepis 6 5 to current stable

But, some of the other distros around start out with Debian packages and then modify them.For example, Ubuntu is fairly "bleeding edge", as they take a snapshot of Debian Unstable (Sid) for each of their new releases, and work on getting all of the packages from Debian Unstable working together.

There are not a lot of distros using a Debian stable base anymore.

So, if you want "bleeding edge" software, those are good choices.

But, because the packages in those repositories change all the time, you have to be very careful about updating them on a regular basis, and taking some precautions to help prevent breakage.

But, I don't see a newer version of BOINC in the Debian Stable repos right this minute (it's version 6.10.58) But, that version has been working fine for me. 7.0 (a.k.a., Wheezy), which is the current "testing" version, will probably to to Stable status sometime this quarter, and it looks like BOINC 7.0.27 is the version it will likely end up with, as that's what is there right now: Warren (the developer of Mepis, which is the distro I use almost all of the time), will have a new version of Mepis using it then (Mepis 12).

He's released a couple of Mepis 12 Alphas so far, but we probably won't see more mature betas and release candidates until Debian freezes all of the packages in Wheezy in preparation for the next stable release (Debian 7.0).

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