Updating initial configuration polycom

I have a ticket open with Avaya at the moment and it seems that the knowledge base on the 1692 phone is close to non-existant.If only Avaya would publish documentation for this phone, internally and/or externally. I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me. Once I can get as far as you, I can help resolve the issue you are describing. I received a 1692 today and am working with it in the lab...Couldn't get them out of this loop for the life of me, until I pressed * to set my values manually and changed the IP.Literally, that's all I did, change the IP to something I hadn't used before and it worked perfectly.e Prize LLC, what did you set your File Sv Type to (under the '* to program' menu) and can you paste your 242 options please? I got my hands on the correct 1692_000100file which contains the 000000000000that you have been talking about above.

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Instead, go to the download section, where you will find a number of files to download, including a 1692upgrade.txt, which is the only file that the phone looks for when it contacts the file server.

This is common in UNIX, if an /etc/hosts file is missing the CR at the end of the last line of the file, it will not process the line.

A CR is the enter key on your keyboard : P If you open the file in a program that diplays 'Visible spaces' (like Textpad), you will see all of the characters that are not usually visable (see attached).

Also are you using VLANs to seperate voice from non voice?

If so, please post the 242 options for both DHCP scopes/subnets. The firmware that ships with the set is increadibly broken, as some of you have noticed.

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