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Format: 2-8 panel stand-alones Genre: political cartoons Matt Bors is published by The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, and The Nation.

The above links to his Tumblr, where he posts most of his shorter cartoons. (updates every Sunday)Genre: alien If you want a longer story from De Forge, Ant Comic is probably one of the weirder things you'll read.

Instructions: download the program, install, then read the help file to get started. If you have trouble setting things up we'll gladly log into your computer remotely to get everything set up for you.

Meg the teen witch and her stoner monster friends stumble into sordid altercations in their Los Angle-ish neighborhood. Format: serial narrative Genre: drama Now on its #1641st strip and updating five time a week, Danielle Corsetto's comic is not only an acclaimed full-time enterprise, but one of few prominent web comics to honor the experience of queer women.

With over nine different potential flying sites and friendly competitions, it is a social highlight for many pilots.

Flying (Friday – Monday) locations depend upon wind and weather conditions.

With several days of potential flying and a lobster boil on the beach overlooking the scenic Bay of Fundy, this is a very special event.

Our category-defining Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye.

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