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Once the lovely green opening dries down, it softens up a bit with hint of iris shining through along with the violet, while still maintaining it's green charm.From there it becomes a nice sandalwood/somewhat musky mix of green and violet/iris.I can understand people saying they get a cut grass vibe but for me it's like a different type of leafage/foliage, some sort of freshly cut greenary! I'm a woman and this is clearly meant to be a man's scent but something about it appealed to me at the time that I was willing to plunk all that $$$ on it. IT NEEDED TO BE ON THE WARM SKIN IN ORDER TO BLOOM! Nozzle-sniffing and spraying on paper this whole time because I didn't want to be stuck with Lysol-stink on my skin for hours.Being new to fragrances in general, I only knew what I've always liked: summer freshies or delicious gourmands for the winter. So I took it home, sprayed it on a tissue, and it smelled awful. Well, okay not "awful" really but like say the violet leaf lost it's mind and decided to murder all the notes and now it's trying to murder my nose. Like a field of green leafy irises after a rain in the early morning. But anyway, I'm glad the mystery is solved and that this smells as wonderful as the day I bought it.It's a fairly simple scent note set, but it goes so good together. The performance is pretty decent, 4-5hrs, but the projection isn't all that great IMO, people would have to be fairly close to smell it.I would describe it as a walk down a path through a wet grass meadow on a nice spring day, that then passes through a violet/iris patch, and into the woods a bit. I would describe this scent as one that you will likely admire more for yourself, and one that your partner will love on you when they are within kissing distance.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance.

This is not the case both are different fragrances, with GIT the much better one.

Don't believe myths, try it out yourself, and you'll see the difference. An absolute classic that is very difficult to replicate! Projects for about 3 hours and bordering on a strong sillage. It's like a bitter citrus punch in the face, but in a good way!

I kind of see it, but honestly GIT would be the much older, much cooler and fresher half-brother of Viking.

(I own and like both so, not trying to diss Viking at all, they're a little bit similar but also very different.) Anyway, long story short, sometimes nozzle-sniffing isn't enough, you actually have to spray it on the skin. I love Green Irish Tweed: if you apply too much it can start off a little harsh but will soon open up into fresh green notes - it reminds me of home, walking in the raw Irish countryside and of freshly cut grass.

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