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After two kids and a tabloid-endorsed wedding, the two are still fist pumping into the sunset. Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff ( franchise, but the only reality show in history to lead to a congressional hearing as these “White House party crashers” finagled their way into a 2009 state dinner that the Obamas hosted for visiting Indian dignitaries.As if that weren’t crazy enough, they made headlines again in 2012 when Michaele ran off with Journey’s guitarist and divorced Tareq.And this was only shortly after she had his name tattooed on her finger as a sign of her everlasting devotion. The critical and controlling Jonathan treated his wife poorly throughout the globe-trotting competition, and when they came in second during one trial, he shoved her so hard she nearly fell over.The pair got divorced in 2009 and now, oddly enough, Victoria appears on )It was love at first sight for these two: Danny proposed on the first night of their stay in the Austin house and they eventually married.

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Unfortunately, their differences became apparent when their breakup led to more than a few Twitter feuds. Grant Kemp & Lace Morris ( gets a lot of well-deserved heat for never choosing a black suitor, so I don’t understand why the show doesn’t highlight this relationship more often. Remember the early days of reality TV when we all thought these relationships could last? )Not only does Mauricio always stick with Kyle even though her family can be — how can we put this delicately? Brad & Tori Fiorenza ( season, so they are not apologizing.How could they not get a show off the ground with this amount of insanity?is responsible for countless top 10 singles, only one real couple came out of the former ratings juggernaut.)A vow renewal is usually the kiss of death for a reality couple, but this former NBA star and his outspoken wife do one every year and their relationship is still the paragon of strength.If only she could have the same relationship with her squabbling co-stars. Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, & Kody Brown () Leave it to TLC to bring us this polygamist family.

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