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(You can do this at a later time; you are allowed to download & install newer versions of Spy Sweeper for one year if you purchase their program.) 2) Click on the Yes button on the window that pops up asking if you would like to download the or the list of new spyware.When it reaches 100%, the buttons on the left (such as Sweep Now, Remove, Results, Quarantined, etc.) should be clickable again (i.e., become more colorful).With Spy Sweeper, all users on a single PC get the full protection of the software.All users can customize Spy Sweeper for their individual use, providing maximum protection with ultimate control.You are correct that the symptom you describe is caused by something interfering with Webroot.

Awarded Editors' Choice 5 Star, Spy Sweeper now scans and removes spyware in just minutes!4) You can then click on the Minimize button on the Note: Although you could be doing other things on your computer while the Spy Sweeper program is downloading the update, it's probably a good idea to let the computer do the Spy Sweeper updates without any distractions.programs and features , high light webroot antivirus and press uninstall turned on or not that is where the uninstall wizard removes it from the hard drive you may have to reboot the computer when it is finished to ensure that it is fully removed If your company has a hardware firewall, you can view the logs for all traffic and it will give you all IP addresses going out and where as long as the duration of the connection and the IP addresses they are connecting to. Existing users should visit the Webroot site for a free upgrade to Secure Anywhere.Even the most vicious spyware programs like Cool Web Search and Look2Me are no match for this powerful Anti-Spyware solution.Featuring a refined detection and quarantine process, Spy Sweeper successfully roots out all types of spyware, adware, keyloggers, system monitors, Trojan Horses, cookies, and more.

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