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Separate but related sports are often considered to be part of the track and field family.

Cross-country is a fall and winter activity for distance runners, with races of 3.2 – 19.3 km (2 – 12 mi) being run over pastoral terrain — often golf courses in the United States and rugged farmland in other countries.

In 1866 the first English championships were held by the newly formed Amateur Athletic Club, which opened the competition to all "gentlemen amateurs" specifically, athletes who received no financial compensation for their efforts.

This code has lasted to the present day and is the basis of the rules governing the sport.

Indeed, his world record throw would have been enough to earn him an Olympic medal as late as 1952.

Bob Beamon no longer holds the world record for the men’s long jump, but his performance at the 1968 Mexico City Games is still one of the most extraordinary in Olympic history.

Indoor meets are held in the winter months, December through March.Similar doubts were raised about Marita Koch of East Germany, but her 1985 record in the 400m also stands to this day.Perhaps Pat Ryan’s hammer record is the most impressive.Athletic contests were often held in conjunction with religious festivals, as with the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. C., these affairs — for men only — were enormously popular and prestigious events. During the Middle Ages, except for a short-lived revival in 12th-century England, organized track and field all but disappeared.The Romans continued the Olympic tradition until the time of the Emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, who banned the Games in A. The true development of track and field as a modern sport started in England during the 19th century.

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