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She spends a year and sometimes two years in this dizzying seminary environment, and when she gets back, it takes at least another year for her to re-land and readjust to life back to normal at home.Question: How is all that a “preparation” for the hard job of marriage, running a household, often with a full time job to cope with, as well as motherhood and child-rearing?It was first used on Rosh Hashanah 5776, seating over 1000 people for the services.The building was sponsored by Ralph Herzka and Meir Levine.Although all students study the Talmud regardless of whether they just joined the yeshiva or have already been studying for well over a decade, when students first arrive they study the official mesechta (Talmudic tractate) of the yeshiva.This mesechta will always be one of eight that deal with areas of civil law.A high level of analytic skill and comprehension in understanding the Talmud is required, to the extent that a student is able to study a subject from the starting point all the way to the most complex areas of that subject on his own.The yeshiva does not have a remedial program for weak or unprepared students, and reaching the level required to be a successful student at the yeshiva takes several years of intense, full-time study.

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The Learning Sponsorship Program includes all Divrei Torah that take place in the Shul during the day of the sponsorship.When Rabbi Aharon Kotler came to New York from Europe in 1943, the kollel members asked him to lead the institute.Rabbi Kotler agreed on the condition that it be moved to Lakewood and expanded with a yeshiva gedola, which opened with an initial enrollment of 14 students.This means that from about age 17 to age 20 or 21, many girls are thinking about seminaries in Israel and are not actively going out yet.Those non-dating years for those girls are the equivalent of being “in the freezer,” meaning they are out of circulation from active for a year or two or more. That means that from the ages of about 18 to 22 or 23, the boys are not dating and they’re in an extended “freezer.” We also know that there is a so-called “ to marry at a younger age, meaning not waiting longer than about age 21.

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