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When I got back into the living room, I noticed that she had some things in her other hand, and when I asked if she wanted to put them somewhere to dry, she blushed furiously - only then did I realize that they were her bra and panties.She was still a bit damp, and just standing there, so I went and got her another towel, laid it on a chair, and told her to go ahead and sit down.

I got the computer fired up and the word processor loaded, and showed her the most basic commands, like cut-and-paste.

One time, she mentioned that Robyn had a report to write, and she needed to do an extra-good job with it so as to bring her grades up a bit.

I offered to let Robyn use my computer and word processor, and print the report out on my laser printer - I was pretty much caught up with my work, and wouldn't need to be doing anything while Robyn did her report.

After about 15 minutes, she came back out, with her clothes appreciably dryer than before.

She also had a couple of towels in one hand, and asked me what she should do with them - I took them from her, and dropped them into the laundry hamper.

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