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So, while there is no guarantee, doing the math, if all goes well and if we keep our finger crossed and the stars are aligned and our ships are all sailing in the same direction, we could have a new rector in place by the start of Advent. Wednesday, July 4 at noon Les Voix Humaines 4 Viols' with original arrangements of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' Wednesday, July 11 at noon Pat Watson and John Bird classic jazz, silky smooth with a gospel touch Wednesday, July 18 at noon Kristin Wöckel and Edmund Brownless selections from Broadway musicals Wednesday, July 25 at noon Boxwood Scholarship Recipients Piper O'Neil-Doak, keyboards, dance, vocals; Allan Evans: harp, flutes Wednesday, August 1 at noon Hodge Podge Young voices that share beautiful harmonies and a love of singing – led by Mary Knickle Wednesday, August 8 at noon Walter Delahunt an artist of broad and distinguished experience and currently pianist in Residence at LAMP Wednesday, August 15 at noon Glenn Patscha A pianist with a unique voice steeped in the styles and traditions of New Orleans Wednesday, August 22 at noon Matthew Fraser, organ a remarkably talented young musician with a passion for organ playing Wednesday, August 29 at noon Magazine Genera Musique Royale artists Steve Normandin and Sylvia Briday close out the series in toe tapping tunes from Quebec, the Maritimes and France, played on harmonicas, guitar, piano, and percussion ---------------------------------------------------------------- St.However, one thing you can be assured of is that your Parochial Committee will work as quickly as possible but always with our top priority being to ensure that we find a rector who will be the strong spiritual leader our parish deserves and an individual who is passionate about leading us toward our Shared Vision Blessings, St. John’s Church, Lunenburg Presents Community Roots Day August 21 at 9 am - 5 pm To get your poster click here!

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---------------------------------------------------------------- Seven Questions every Church should Ask Are you concerned about the life of the church and the parish?The question everyone asks is "how long will this take".Clearly, for all of us, the sooner the better but there are many factors that will dictate the total time it takes.The first step of the process (contained in Canon 25) was to appoint a parish Parochial Search Committee which was completed at the Special Congregational Meeting on 3 May.The members of the committee are our three wardens, Robert Mac Millan, Blake Starratt and Duncan Crowdis and elected at the meeting were Emmi Fraser, Jane Ritcey, Maureen Moffatt and Heather Eisenhauer.

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