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Many, if not hundreds of stones inscribed with ancient characters and symbols have been summarily dismissed as fakes and forgeries because it was against the official policy of the scientific community under the Smithsonian Institution, and because linguistic evidence cannot be supported by one or two random arifacts.

Recent scientific verifications of several sites and artifacts – numbering eight as of this writing – now establish that people with a knowledge of ancient Hebrew written language and culture were in America during Book of Mormon time frames!

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The Colorado River rafting tour includes several stops along the river and lunch served upon reaching Willow Beach, Arizona.What a great way to see this magnificent part of our country. A friendly demeanor made the "tour guide" part of the trip excellent as well.And a special thanks to our pilot Robert who made the helicopter trip a real pleasure. His ability to maintain schedule without obvious pressure met the needs of both the passengers and obviously the company.While true, that language was emphatically neither of the languages specified in the Book of Mormon, which does not help in validating any Book of Mormon claims and in fact may rule out the Maya of Mesoamerica as candidates to be those people or lands.There has never been found any evidence for ancient Hebrew or Egyptian written language in Mesoamerica or South America and this archaeologically well established fact has been used to dismiss and reject the Book of Mormon.

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