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This Saturnian verse wtt、 nnquestionahly very rnde, and, if we are to trust the commentator on Virgil, only rhythmical.

4 When, therefore, Ennius naturalized the hexameter in Latin poetry, it is no wonder that all eyes were turned on the noble stranger, who at once received the honors of a citizen, and from that time was established in supremacy over Latin as well as Greek narrative poetry. Bat the Atellaii farces were Italian not properly ll Cniar entertainments ; they were, perhaps, originally in the Osoan dialect; and whether or not they learned to speak Latin before they migrated to I",me, they were then taken up by popular poets, Pompoiiius and Novius, and became one of the regular amusements oi' the people.

Pld do nol llsslihil' Uul I ll Iwok's LLpp L-i LRLrif L' in Ciooyk' Book , Sl'lli\-1i ihl-llus il fi Ln Iil- lisl-l I in imy im 皿' r anywherc in ihc world.

Copyriylil irirnriy L-ni LTil Mi Lbility can be quite severe.

ness the later poets hardly ever ventured to innovate on this estab- lished law of epic song.

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ihouifh obviously having passed through the chill and unimaginative older chronicle, still nevertheless instinct with infolt poetry, can we doubt where it had its origin ? " rhe early liistory of Rome," observes Mr.

In this verse Ennius himself em bodied all the early h'story of Rome ; and we have only to look back from the fragments of his work, which, though yet indulging in cer- tain licenses which were dropped by Virgil and the later writers, have some lines of very free How and cadence, to the few Saturnian verses which survive from the Punic war of his rival Naevius, and we shall not wonder that the Roman ear became fastidious and di ,- tasteful ol' its old native melodies. 1 But probably the most extensively operative cause of the rapid extinction of the Roman p Dpular poetry was the dissolution of the Roman people.

The ballads, if they had still sur- vived in common currency, were superseded by the new and more nopular poetic' history of Ennius. The old plebeian families which survived had be- «ome a part of the aristocracy.

Murks, nouilions and oihcr rvi Lirgiri Lili Li prcsiinl in ihi; original volume will appear in this lilc - a reminder o「 this book's long jo Linii;y from the publisher lo ll libn Lry LLnd liru Llly lo you.

Usage guidelines Wi: ll Iso ask that you: y ucccssibli;.

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