Online dating for tweakers

A lot of the girls on online dating are drug free... Anyways i have looked on CL in the past for girls, hard to find a real one that is decent looking. Honestly some of the best sex I've ever had has been when I've been rolling, meth is conceived as a bit of a "dangerous" and "junkie" drug though so if you find a woman that is unsure of taking meth you could always suggest taking ecstasy or GHB or similar.I've dated a few who did some drugs (beyond pot) - but its not something I can do i highly doubt anyone shooting heroin would be interested in sex afterwards.I'd think the OP is referring to meth or another stimulant, which of course makes sex much better.Cruising for drugs more than the hook-up, a bag whore is the person who is always happy to use your stash but never has or buys speed of their own; a person who replies to “has favors” and “can host” profiles but never provides the speed.I keep reading how couples have fun with each other on drugs, and have wild sex.

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You get less contacts, im sure, but the ones you do get will have a higher success rate I bet Absolutely would have to meet in person first and feel out the mood.And condom kills a lot of that so it's like FUCK the condom go raw!Anyways i have looked on CL in the past for girls, hard to find a real one that is decent looking.But yeah, my friends are generally having a good time - so I stick with some booze, sober up and be their driver, make sure they are safe.They aren't junkies, and usually light stuff (not something I do a lot). It's like you want maximum pleasure and stimulation.

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