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He says he was out late at night at a club with friends and arrived home so late in the morning that when he finally awoke, the Pentagon was on fire and the World Trade Center was already destroyed.

Ross then volunteered at Ground Zero in the subsequent cleanup and also help to rescue any survivors.

As was explained in episode 801 "Indelible", on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Ross confides to Lindsay Messer that he slept through the terrorist attacks of the day.

Danny later uses the chemical to disable one of their captors.

Adam himself saves the lives of the two (formerly uniformed) cops, who were gagged with duct tape and disguised as the hostage-takers, when Detective Flack and his men storm the warehouse (episode 324, "Snow Day").

Some Irish mobsters, in a plot to recover their drugs, take Adam and the two cops hostage.

They torture Adam, forcing him to reveal information about the lab, and take his personal ID badge to facilitate access.

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