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Before that, it conducted more than 11,000 secret hearings.

In a soft-spoken voice, Brahem recounted before the hushed room how the dreams of change and democracy of young students in the early 1990s vanished in the darkness of prisons cells where systematic torture was customary."I was dreaming of having a baby, but I haven't because I didn't live like the others. The club was once owned by Ben Ali's notorious wife, Leila Trabelsi, and used exclusively by her and her friends.Sihem Ben Sedrine, president of IVD, spoke about the symbolism of the location in a press conference on November 14."Elisa Club is a nice place in a very beautiful area but it was not used beautifully in the past, it was a symbol of corruption and tyranny," she said, explaining the choice of an exclusive club of the former Tunisian First Lady's infamous in-laws."We want to show that society has restored its public sphere," she added.Kasem Chamaki, his brother also testified about his brother's death.His brother had been raped with an object, beaten, and flogged to the extent that some of his bones were visible to other inmates.

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