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Best Newcomer Actress and Best Newcomer Actress Runner Up Awarded to the top and runner newcomer actresses with the most internet and event venue votes.Special Award Awarded to the actress who made a special contribution to the AV Idol industry throughout the year.But, her 2015 career change from idol to AV idol pornstar sparked instant popularity.In recent years, there is immense competition and lack of recognition in the world of pop idols.They will definitely stay in the top-tier of Japanese AV idols for the next couple of years.Not to mention, they are all young so they won’t be going anywhere soon.In 2014, DMM decided to gather and hold a contest to honor the top talent in Japanese AV idol industry by establishing the DMM Adult Awards.

Not to mention, the constant flow of new AV idol debutants being added to the mix every day. You can find a yearly overview of who’s the top Japanese AV idol on the scene by checking out the yearly DMM Adult Awards!From December (of the previous year) up until February, DMM considers the number of titles, the number of searches, sales and overall popularity of AV idols with titles featured on their site.By March, AV idol nominees are selected and the start of voting is made public in April.Idols would be cute from afar, but when they stepped up and took their clothes off they were never anything special. It is obvious that she is one of the few idols turned AV pornstar that has lived up to the hype.Her looks, body style, and erotic aura have been highly praised by fans and the AV idol industry.

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