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Peggy came downstairs with Little David and handed him to me so I could say good morning. Hicks, and he said they may move your games to State to accommodate the number of people interested in seeing you play.” “Surely he didn’t say it was just for me. “You can wait until everyone gets here,” Mom scolded. Mom and Dad had talked to both Alan’s parents and Tami’s mom. I looked around the table, and everyone had a grim expression on their face. “Rigby, Thompson and Associates were told I needed a PA and someone to handle my recruiting.She made herself a cup of coffee and got me a glass of orange juice. Eve sang and the Washington boosters had a fundraiser.” “I’m afraid so,” she said. Everyone seemed to agree I was the one that needed to tell them. We’d arranged it so Tami was at the head of the table and I was to her right with Alan on her left. They introduced me to Brandon Rigby, Don Rigby’s nephew, and told me he was available.There are things that were hurtful and drove you both away from me. “Brandon said he’d also been a top-150 football recruit in high school, so he knew what I would face in the recruiting process,” I said, and then got out of my chair to pace. She’d been in charge of the financials at Rigby, Thompson and Associates, and took care of their computers. “Just let me finish this and I’ll answer all your questions,” I said, knowing if we got off track this would turn into a bigger mess. Alan started to ask a question, but Tami gave him a look. “Before you worry, none of my family knew anything about this until a week or so ago. They didn’t have enough proof to get him arrested, but had enough pull to get him removed. “We turned up other instances where Brandon was involved in rapes. The rape kits didn’t get processed for various reasons. Being drunk means no consent, but if that were the rule then half of all college hookups would be questionable,” I said. “Brandon, at some point, figured it out and started to use drugs to get the results he wanted.In my defense, I assumed some things that I’ve recently discovered to be untrue. “Over the fall and into the winter I talked to both of you enough to start to have some suspicions about what happened that night. “When I came back from LA, Caryn was put in charge of running my businesses day-to-day. “When we met to look at the strip mall we bought, she told me about Brandon. I didn’t want them to know, because I was afraid they’d tell you before I could take care of it.” I could read Tami’s mind. No one had connected the dots to see he was a person of interest in multiple cases. With these girls, they each voluntarily went to a party. Serial rapists are responsible for the majority of rapes on college campuses,” I said, and then sat back down.They didn’t want him getting off on a technicality, and she told me that chain of custody was important.“That’s when I went to Detective Kitchens to see if he could help.I could probably go on and on about how we’d grown up closer than siblings; how I’d let her run my life, which made her happy. Here I was the big badass alpha male, according to my uncle, and Miss Tami Glade led me around like a puppy.The thing was, if she was the one, it didn’t matter to me.

I even made them check into people and organizations we donated money to.

That must have been enough for them to issue arrest and search warrants. It wasn’t a logical thing or something I could help.

Brandon is currently in jail awaiting extradition to Massachusetts. I made myself a plate of food, grabbed a platter of cinnamon rolls and left so everyone could talk. “It doesn’t help with all the things that I’ve said to both of them. “I would hope they realize how much you care after what you did to get him arrested,” Peggy said. Sometimes you found that one person that got under your skin and you couldn’t let go.

Bev explained that they needed to do that so that Brandon couldn’t point the finger at anyone else. I talked to Bev to see how we could get Brandon’s DNA.

I even offered to let him bleed on my shirt, but she told me that wouldn’t work.

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