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It’s common for children to grieve these future rites of passage and then feel the loss all over again when they occur. Where emotions are concerned teens: Generally speaking, teens are far more impulsive and willing to take risks than their adult handlers.

A major task during teen-hood is the quest to define oneself. Younger to middle teens are especially apt to feel invincible and immortal.

And, although younger tweens and teens still have some work to do emotionally and developmentally, older teens (approximately 16-18) who are able to understand complex relationships and other’s points of view, are likely to grieve in the same way adults do.

We advise for children of any age you do the following: And you’re right, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge teenagers come with their own set of grief considerations.

"We've seen just a lot more of these incidents where we have people in the neighborhood who don't live in the neighborhood who are using the alleyways, coming through, and unfortunately, we have this incident where someone was killed.”Travis has also found syringes in the alleyways and says the homeless population in the area has changed to younger people who are sometimes more aggressive.It’s difficult to sum up how to support a child or teenager without being overly general because, just like big wrinkly humans, they are complicated individuals who think, feel, act, and react to life in their own unique ways.An adolescent’s grief can be impacted by any number of things including but not limited to, their unique relationship with the individual, how the individual died, their support system, past experiences with death, and their own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dealing with stress, adversity, and high emotion.But it’s important to emphasize the above because at the end of the day our best advice will always be to walk with the adolescent through their grief while still honoring adult-ly responsibilities like drawing limits, providing guidance, and setting a good example.Okay so back to those teenage grief considerations, when supporting an adolescent one should remember the following: For many children, this is their first experience with death.

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