Friends with benefits and dating

Sure, you both might be seeing other people, but neither of you lies or hides things. Which means you sense that you’ve got a connection here, and neither of you wants to jeopardize it.

And that means you could also have a full relationship if you play your cards right.

You have to let the feelings he’s cultivating build .

If you make this new arrangement of boyfriend-girlfriend come up before HE starts wanting it himself, you’ll risk ruining it.

Even in the most loving partnerships there's the one person who texts more, who wants more quiet nights at home together, who more often picks up thoughtful gifts, and one person who could really just use a night out with friends.

In strong relationships those scales are more closely balanced, and sway one way or another in a given week so it's not as perceptible.

If you have that easy mesh when you’re in the sack, you’ve got a firm foundation for a boyfriend relationship with him.There’s also the risk of him finding someone else he’s interested in before you’ve had a chance to work your magic.You can take some consolation in knowing that he does, chances are the new girl will just make all the classic mistakes of trying to make him commit to her too early, and eventually you can pick up where you left off.(NOTE: Most women never figure out how to do this – which is why I created the “Passion Phrases” program…) If you’re patient, he will eventually want to test-drive this relationship . I need to warn you, though – After a few fun nights spent with your FWB, you may start to wonder if you should meet up for coffee, go see a movie together, or do something else with him.Your fingers will itch to pick up your phone and text him the notion.

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