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However, this should provide a good outline of how the universe fits together.

The core story (the start of my universe) is The Don't Understand, which utilizes Daniel's computer diary, something that is vastly different from his personal journal.

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Jack and Daniel clash over how to handle Chaka's abduction, then their battles continue back on Earth as they fight over Daniel's decision to provide arms to the Unas. After the Goa'uld destroy the Tok'ra base, the Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra refugees have to co-exist on the Tau'ri's Alpha Site.

Unpleasant memories and the need to be diplomatic wreak havoc on Jack's soul.

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In doing so, they make a pact that will forever be a part of their universe.

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Jack and Daniel go through a difficult time, especially after Paul Davis arrives in town.

After Jack gets drunk and Daniel doesn't come home, will they ever be able to find their way to each other again?

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