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A Sample Bridge Dream Interpretation Consider a dream where you are under orders to evacuate because of bad weather or a nuclear attack.Even though traffic is heavy, eventually you move onto an enormous bridge At this point, everyone is ordered to exit their car, and walk across the bridge on foot.Needless to say, even though some type of change may be good for one aspect of your life, it may still have negative consequences in other areas.Bridge Dream General Meaning Even though a dream of crossing a bridge usually means a transition from one phase to another, it can also indicate you will need to make some important decisions.At the very least, when you dream of bridges, you may be able to spot something useful that you hadn't noticed before.Why go on with a job that you don't like, or a relationship that does not make you happy when something else may be available?How Bridge Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life If you look at life philosophically, you will soon realize that every single moment represents a transition from one state to another.

I told her they were mine and that I wasn't stealing them. I had a dream that I and my husband was walking on a bridge and the bridge was very high above the water but water was flowing on the bridge while we are waking inside that flowing water on the bridge..... Dreamt I was trying to cross a bridge and it broke down so I couldn't and another time I was trying to cross the bridge and some guy at the entrance was there picking a fight with me so I couldn't cross..

On my turn, the man wearing white in front of me mark my hand a three dots using thorns ang the dots stared to swell, he then asked for my age, I said 25, he then said that the godess is not allowing me to pass and asked thw e other man to escort me back.

We met several people at the back who were having talks about the only passage on the way out and there is thia one girl who said that there is an another way.

In addition if the bridge was not in good condition, or fell apart before you were able to cross, then you may miss opportunities, or have other problems in the near future.

Under these circumstances, if you are planing on major changes in your life, it may be best to wait a bit in order to make sure you understand each element of the situation.

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