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The Saudi billionaire and half-brother to Osama, Tarek Bin Laden, heads the project, estimated at -20 billion.

The project enjoys the full support of the presidents of Djibouti and Yemen. military decided to settle in Djibouti after the September 11 attacks for a few reasons.

Other attacks have since been directed at oil facilities employing foreign workers.

Even before these incidents, the Yemeni-Saudi border held the reputation of being one of the most notorious gun-running areas in the region (Terrorism Focus, April 8, 2004).

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The United States may finally be recognizing the significance of Africa to its own national interests. wants to see its share of African oil imports go from 15% to 25% by 2015. There were simply too many separate leaders to pay-off who were ultimately unreliable partners.

On the economic level, access to African oil and the will to counter China’s increasing presence on the continent are vital strategic interests that are pushing Washington to rationalize its approach. In light of this, the security issue is paramount, and explains why U. Yemen, on the other hand, provides an ideal location for al-Qaeda operations, aside from President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s security services.

Indeed, there has been much Salafi militancy in Yemen as of late.

Since 2000, a spate of al-Qaeda attacks have been conducted in Yemen, aimed at destabilizing the U. Seventeen American sailors were killed in the attack on the USS Cole off the port of Aden.

Two years later, a similar attack was carried out against the French tanker Limburg, killing one and injuring 12.

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