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But it seems that there is a huge amount of heat that is brought to this discussion, and at times the origins debate seems to degenerate into a mutual snarkfest.

Of course, people coming from different viewpoints will not agree with each other. It’s also natural and healthy for advocates of the different views to make their case and to cross-examine the positions of others. But we can treat each other with respect and charity as we do so. A first step is recognizing that there are, in fact, more than just two views here.

The questions of how, when, why, and by whom (if anyone) the world came to be are all separate questions and can be answered different ways.

There are, in fact, a vast number of possible views, and I want to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their position.

It fails to recognize differences in their positions and it lumps them under a single, pejorative label.

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What bugs me is the way that advocates of these different positions often dump on each other: Of course, each of these schools of thought is different from the others, and people who hold different views inevitably have lapses in charity when discussing each other. The basic question at issue in the contemporary origins debate is whether or not the world was created.In fact, some of the people who most readily identify themselves as creationists or evolutionists often speak as if these are the only two options.Keeping that fact in mind can help us counter the tendency to look down on others because their views are different.Of course, we also all make mistakes, and that’s going to happen in the origins discussion as well.

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