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There's a new option idler wheel included in this kit, made from three parts these are of the spoked, solid type, although the other un-spoked solid ones are still included.The model has a fully detailed engine too, and we're also given the Opel Blitz truck engine on another sprue marked as 'not for use'.This is constructed from a base laid over cross-members that will be fixed to the chassis, and onto which separate side, end and roof panels are fixed.

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The rear door opens to reveal a completely outfitted ambulance interior, one that has been carefully recreated with details as accurate as possible using wartime photos as a reference.Wheeled trucks couldn't handle the tough conditions, so the decision was made to obtain half-tracked trucks that could negotiate the mud.The rear axles of standard cargo trucks were replaced with drive shafts connected to track assemblies from retired Panzer I light tanks.Still, they should look reasonable enough once they're all painted up!The roadwheel tyres have embossed detail on their sidewalls, and the tracks are all individual link.

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