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Special Awards Attendance Shield Winners: Dickinson 100% Attendance in Year 7 and 8: Iggy Burrows, Charlotte Kenneth, Charlotte Oredecki 100% Attendance in Year 8: Iggy Burrows, Alessio Demurtas, Charlotte Kenneth, Robert Lock, Flinn Woodward-Chapman, Charlotte Oredecki, Aleix Parkes Calzado, Henry Preston, Ralph Quinn, Devon Rhodes, Rebecca Rosser Conduct Cup: Gwyn Progress Stamps: Laura Scott, Clare Soundy, Oliver Howes, Hannah Jenkins, Ethan Johnson, Harley O’Brien, Aleix Parkes Calzado, Eve Midgley, Storm Hanley, Isabella Bene-Hamill, Rebecca Shaw, Lucy Charlton, Rachel Mc Cormack, Millie the south by the English Channel, and to the east by the county of Devon, over the River Tamar which forms most of the border between them.The area is noted for its wild moorland landscapes, its long and varied coastline, its attractive villages, its many place-names derived from the Cornish language, and its very mild climate.

It was formerly a Brythonic kingdom and subsequently a royal duchy.

The banner of Saint Piran is a white cross on a black background (in terms of heraldry 'sable, a cross argent').

According to legend Saint Piran adopted these colours from seeing the white tin in the black coals and ashes during his discovery of tin.

Railways led to a growth of tourism in the 20th century; however, Cornwall's economy struggled after the decline of the mining and fishing industries.

Cornwall is noted for its geology and coastal scenery.

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