Dating limoges

This commonly found mark and its variations date from 1893 to the early 1900's. He dissolved his partnership with his brother and set up his own company.

His pieces at first had only an impressed TH mark later to include the marks shown.

On a rare occasion I need to turn to my reference books for an unusual mark.

Sometimes there is also a mark representing the store the china was produced for.2) The Haviland France back mark.

Sometimes an exclusive variation (a special border or gold trim) of a pattern was made for a particular store. Charles F Haviland was the nephew of David Haviland and opened his own company in the late 1800's in competition with his uncle's Haviland & Company.

Later Charles joined with GDM ( Gerard, Dufraisseix and Morel).

Variations of the H & Co stamp are found and some date as early as the 1860's.

There are 2 marks on the back of Antique Haviland china - one represents the manufacturer and the other represents the decorator.

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