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Our splendid example features the dance of the 7 muses with the classic Ivory Bisque sprigging band. 1960 Dudson stamp, and the applied bas-relief ivory bisque figurines are incredibly precise and deep, rivaling anything done by Josiah Wedgwood in the 19th century.

Our example is in splendid condition, and weighs 1# 8 oz. This Rare Terracotta jewel is a must for any English Jasperware, Wedgwood or Dodson collector. Richard Dudson founded the Broad Street Works Pottery in 1800 at Hanley, Staffordshire, England, and proceeded to manufacturer quality earthen wares.

These include Adams, Copeland, Castleton and Dudson. But I recently had 2 pieces of Dudson jasperware that I sold to a Dudson collector.

The AEAA is extremely proud to showcase this gorgeous 1850s James Dudson (please see the history below) Jasperware milk pitcher, finished in the rare & prime collectible light cream Terracotta finish.Fortunately Josiah was the first potter of note to mark his production with his own name, rather than easily copied potters marks like the crossed sword mark used at Sevres or the Chelsea potteries' anchor mark.Josiah was not reticent to defend his marks and reputation in court during his lifetime and his successors have followed that pattern to the present day.Items of Wedgwood which are pre 1908 will be marked Wedgwood England and although it will be separated the stamp will not be uniformed in shape.There will also be letters together with the Wedgwood England which will help you to date items produced between 18.

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