Dating a guy who wears briefs

If you’re like most, then “long blank stare” was probably your answer. They’re comfortable and come in unlimited patterns and colors. While overseeing menswear at Calvin Klein in 1990, designer John Varvatos changed men’s underwear as we know it: “We just cut off a pair of long johns and thought, this could be cool,” he told Hemispheres Magazine.(Not like that, creeper.)I, for one, certainly give a lot of thought to the ol' thong vs. bikini-cut when it comes to lingerie, even though the guy I'm seeing might not even notice. Briefs: He's either Christian Bale in ("I have to go return some videotapes") or someone's dad. In which case, go for it, and ask him to do Blue Steel for you. We've asked about your preference between boxers and briefs, but this morning I got to thinking about dudes' underthings (which sounds way pervier than it actually was) and decided that to truly know who you're dating, you gotta get into their pants-y'know, literally. Boxer-briefs: Some girls think this is just right, but I dunno. I feel like he has trendy glasses and a haircut and kind of looks like Rachel Maddow. He doesn’t even like the Toronto Maple Leafs—why did he need those boxers!? Also known as low-cut boxers, these are not as embarrassing as a middle schooler’s underwear but indicate your man is intimately familiar with the term “hanging brain.” If you don’t know what that means, it’s that thing where you think he maybe has chewing gum stuck to the bottom of his boxers, but it’s actually his beanbag. These are a popular choice for most men, but color matters. The stretch kind, made from the same material they use to coat Formula 1 racecars. They are allegedly “body-shaping,” but there’s only so much shaping possible if you’ve got a lot of body. Nearly 75 percent of tighty whiteys are purchased by men who have given up.

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Yet, either because I was not paying attention, or because of some misleading advertising, I managed to buy they wrong underwear.

Is it really that big of an issue for girls if a guy wears briefs instead of boxers?

Is it ever acceptable to wear briefs infront of your girlfriend?

If these are the basic white variety, your man may look like he is wearing a diaper. They're also advertised on giant billboards by giant muscled models with giant members.

When it comes to sexy men’s underwear, what comes to mind? The brand created a hugely successful ad campaign with Mark Wahlberg, and overnight the age old question, “boxers or briefs? While the case against tighty-whities needs no explanation, what’s the problem with boxers?

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