Contributing factors of dating

But these systems may interact to impact the marriage for better or for worse over time, as when siblings, friends, parents, and in-laws encourage or discourage divorce after a significant marital struggle.The third layer (the exosystem) shows the influence of people or events outside an individual’s immediate environment.Sadly, these forms of “positive peer pressure” have dissipated, as more and more middle-aged parents and siblings have divorced and cohabited themselves.Perhaps one of the most formidable sources of the marriage crisis is the media.

These developments in media continue to influence the marriage views and sexual behaviors of younger generations for the worse.

What seems indisputable is that the entire family law system serves to undermine fidelity to the marriage vow.

It does so directly by facilitating the destruction of marriages for any reason or no reason at all (and regardless of a spouse who remains committed).

At the center of the model is pictured a child, but it might also be a married couple.

The microsystem includes people of direct influence within one’s immediate environment: parents, in-laws, siblings, teachers, ministers, church members, and friends.

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