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Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region …

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Rather than editing the interviews or picking out the most sensational quotes to make them seem more controversial than they really are, we have decided to give you our dominatrices responses in full.I do feel that in a way I was born in a dominant role, I was always someone that liked to be in charge but of course I was in charge in ways where people didn’t think I was in charge, which in the BDSM world is called “topping from the bottom”. Over the years and through a stint of submission and not having the confidence in myself to be who I wanted to be (who I knew I was) it eventually just clicked and I decided “I was no longer going to be the victim and take control of my life and my sexuality”. I ended up with high standards for myself & an insatiable desire to control everything in my life.Instead of me regretting my sexual experiences I could take charge and feel good about my sexual needs, wants and desires. It seemed impossible to hold down regular 9-5 jobs where I was not in charge & I’ve had numerous including working for a Christian based company.After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends. From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

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