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Mirroring occurs when a person copies the physical position of the person they are talking to.It is generally seen as sign that he is feeling connected to you and what you are saying.If someone seems to look everywhere but at you, he may be signaling that he is feeling uncomfortable, nervous, or distracted.It’s important to look for patterns in body language rather than to focus on one specific instance as the end all and be all.So, when searching for clues, look for strong but not too intense eye contact as an indication of interest.If someone is staring you down unblinkingly and making you feel uncomfortable, this would be a case of too much eye contact.While you might find it easy to decode his body language, he might not find it so easy the other way around.

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Of course, some people find it more comfortable to sit with their arms crossed, especially if they are nervous, so use your observational skills to determine if this is your date’s preferred stance, he is just a little nervous, or, if it’s a sign that he might be disengaged with the conversation.How often have you met a cute guy or gone out on a first date and wondered, “Is he interested or not?” You replay the whole interaction in your mind, analyzing it over and over again and looking for clues.And cuing into these nonverbals can be a helpful way to decode what your date is really thinking. John Gottman’s famous “Love Lab,” the researcher was able to identify in just a few minutes whether or not a couple was headed for relationship trouble solely based on the way they interacted with one another, including body language.Personally, I have found nonverbal cues to be be helpful in my work as a therapist and in my dating life.

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