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I’ve seen him perform perhaps 10 times, I’ve flown to other states for the singular purpose of seeing him.I’ve seen him multiple times on the same tour and he performs the exact, precise set list at every stop of the tour, never altering or adding. Amanda Meyncke is a television writer and director, and the biggest fan of Bill’s I know. Also you get the feeling he’d lie to your face about his own work, or somehow be amused at your insistence on infusing it with meaning beyond the obvious. His fans still wait for his next work, wondering what it all means. He makes a wonderful billboard to project your own theories onto as well as a safe home for your feelings to live, since it is unlikely any stories behind the music will ever emerge.Marshall has always maintained a deep affinity for cover songs, a habit that seems due both to apprehension about her own songwriting and her respect for folk music traditions, the act of preserving and re-creating relics of Americana.

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With that I can connect all three of these last entries: first being that Dylan cover featuring M. It consists solely of guitar, vocals and some electronic hoo-hah in the background.

The film opens with the girls coming home from school in their identical uniforms and running into the ocean, fully clothed.

Maybe it’s the last day of school before summer break. Some of their friends (boys) join them, and they splash each other, and roll around, and it’s all innocent and fun because they are all children, adolescence or no. And they feel like sisters: individuals, but also one unit.) The grandmother is not played as an evil woman, just a woman concerned about the gossip of neighbors and frankly overwhelmed by the burgeoning adolescence exploding throughout her household. But the second boobs show up, the world is dangerous, and girls are not to be trusted.

She’s the one who has the most “personality” at first, outside of Lale, although that changes as the film progresses, and each sister emerges with more clarity.

Far from the modern bustle of Istanbul, the girls live in a pretty idyllic setting in a big rambling house on the seashore.

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