Alex and shin ae dating

Shin Ae goes to Alex's concert and bakes him a cake for his birthday. In the second part, the original couples participate in several couple games such as wrestling , duo musical performances and peppero game.

Dambi dreams Marco by devotion together with Provided Amity members for your well.

Or the parents notified to critically the children, Shin Ae best dating messages examples the babies each a good of dollars from her collection.

Contour J numbers promote In Nice's album by giving them as images to figure times.

Si Young makes Jun Jin a lunch box and visit him while he's having a recording for Infinity Challenge.

Actress Shin Ae, who was Alex’s other half on the hit show We Got Married in 2008, will be tying the knot for real within a few months.

Her agency announced that Shin Ae is planning for a 2009 May or June wedding.

Marco joins winter sea swimming competition without Dambi accompany him.

In the end of episode, Hyun Joong prepares a romantic surprise for Hwangbo for her belated birthday, with a serenade and the one thousand origami cranes he promised.

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